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Our dedicated servers are custom built

  We construct all servers from top grade hardware components, they are built individually on request. If you are a web host with existing servers elsewhere, a reseller who has outgrown a reseller account, or an individual with large or specialized site requirements, we have a solution for you.
With a dedicated server, you're in complete control, and backed by server management provided by Earth First to ensure reliable operation. If you're ready to move up to the flexibility and power of a dedicated server, it's easier and more affordable than you might have guessed.


Available Linux Server Configurations
Monthly Price Setup Processor RAM Hard Drive Bandwidth IPs
$295.95 $165.95 Intel Celeron 2.4 512MB 80GB IDE 300GB 5
$320.95 $245.95 Intel P4 2.4 512MB 80GB IDE or 18GB SCSI 300GB 5
$385.95 $332.50 Intel Xeon 1.8 512MB 80GB IDE or 18GB SCSI 400GB 5
$455.95 $395.95 Intel Xeon 2.4 1GB 120GB IDE or 36GB SCSI 500GB 5
$575.95 $499.95 Dual Intel Xeon 2.4 1GB 120GB IDE or 36GB SCSI 600GB 5
bullet Operating System: Red Hat Linux 8.0 bullet Managed Services
bullet All servers include Basic Monitoring Services bullet Acceptable Use Policy
Item Monthly Price Setup Special Notes
IP Addresses (10) $10 $9 n/a
Excess Bandwidth $4 per GB n/a Rounded up to the next gigabyte
Backup Service n/a $20 Backup to spare hard drive
SSL Certificate n/a $175 per year
512MB SDRAM/DDR $55 $160 n/a
80GB IDE Drive $55 $110 n/a
120GB IDE Drive $60 $140 n/a
73GB SCSI Drive $75 $260 For SCSI systems only
System Restore n/a $140 per restore
Abnormal Support Issues n/a $140 per hour n/a
Enhanced Monitoring Services $10 $10 HTTP, POP, SMTP, FTP, DNS, Load
cPanel/Web Host Manager $50 n/a Internal licenses only
Fantastico n/a $55 per year Only on cPanel/WHM systems

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